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Bright Green Eyes

Renesmee Cullen

Heya! I'm Renesmee Carlie Swan Cullen. You can call me Nessie:). I'm the daughter of Bella Swan-Cullen and Edward Cullen. I'm just your average 16-year old girl only... my life's more exciting. Why? Coz I'm a half-vampire. My mom got pregnant when she was a human. The guy, my dad, was a vampire back then and still is. I was born on September 10, three days before my mom's birthday. When I was born, my dad turned my mom into a vampire, just as he promised. He promised this a long time ago, though. He didn't think he needed to rush things so he was very passive about the thought of my mom becoming a "bloodsucker". [as jake would put it] He turned her into a vampire, not because he promised my mom, but because she was about to die when she was giving birth to me. So he did what he had to. And the rest is history. Am I taken? Yup. At least I think I am. By who? Jacob Black. A werewolf. I know werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies, but it's different with Jake and his pack. Why? Coz he used to be (and still is) the best friend of my mom. Oh, coz he imprinted on me too. If you're wondering what this is, it's like "love at first sight" only way stronger. Your imprint is your soulmate, your life. This only happens with werewolves, though. And I guess I'm kinda lucky to be and imprint of a werewolf. Okay, it's not because Jake's a werewolf... but because he's Jake. What's he like? He's cute, funny, understanding, smart... He's the right guy for me, I can feel it. I love him. More than I love myself. But sometimes it hurts. Coz he needs to be away a lot. He needs to train with his pack just in case some mean vampires come to town or anywhere near us. And no, we're not the mean vampires. We're the kind ones. Who make animals our prey, and not the humans. I can eat human food though. I don't exactly need to drink animal blood all the time. Oh, here's one more thing before I wrap this up. My family. They're everything I could ever ask for and more. I have two aunts, two uncles and two grandparents. My aunts and uncles have the appearance of teenagers but they've actually been living for a hundred years and more. Aunt Rose is the most beautiful person ever and she has the appearance of an angel. Her face has no flaws and her body is one of a model's. My aunt Alice is a cutie. She's tiny and has spiky hair and her features are thos of a pixie's. My uncle Emmett is like a bear. He's big and bulky. Uncle Jasper is the quiet one. He's like a fox. Sneaky. Grandpa Carlisle is the doctor of the family and has the features of a 22-year old. He's totally older than all of us. Technically. Grandma Esme has the features of a 23-year old. She's gorgeous and the first woman to ever become a Cullen. So... there! My life. :)

credits to lidi for my mood theme:)